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About the Healthgrain-Project:

Cereal foods are major dietary sources of energy, carbohydrate and fibre. Studies are increasingly showing that intake of both whole grain and cereal dietary fibre are able to protect against rapidly increasing chronic diseases related to a sedentary lifestyle, such as cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. However, whereas current cereal processing methods have been optimised to deliver products made of refined grain, dietary recommendations stress the need to eat more carbohydrates, dietary fibre and whole grain foods. There is also an increasing demand from consumers for healthy, tasty and convenient foods containing more of the protective components of the grain. more

Sebastian Hahn

Match2BioSME: R&D for biotech-SMEs

About the project:

Match2BioSME aims to stimulate innovation in the European biotechnology industry. The Match2BioSME platform started in 2006. Objective of the project is matching the activities of small- and medium sized companies (SMEs) and academic institutions. more

About the project:

This projects aims to put nanotechnology forward in the areas of nanobiological sensors. These sensors can serve to detect and prevent bioterrorism and be useful with environmental purposes. Nanotechnolgies and biotechnologies will be combined. more