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The GPRIX project identifies and disseminates good practices in the innovation support of SMEs. The project aims to improve the future innovation support of the EU. more

Luisa-Marie Fritzsch

RAPPORT: Knowledge For Business Innovation in SMEs

About the RAPPORT Project:

SMEs’ strengths lie in their agility, imagination and customer interaction. However capitalizing on these strengths requires focused policy action to overcome the significant barriers they face either from inside or from outside. To be effective, these policies should be able to reach a large proportion of  SMEs and tailor their actions to the various types of SMEs and their particular needs. The RAPPORT project aspires to advance this cause. more

About the UseandDiffuse Project:
The main objective of the USEandDIFFUSE project is to enhance the dissemination and exploitation of research results and facilitate the exchange of best practices.
Therefore this project will focus for the most part on RTD projects implemented under the Framework Programmes with the involvement of small and medium sized enterprises (CRAFT projects, Collective Research projects, as well as STREPs and Integrated Projects in which SMEs play active roles as RTD performers and end users of results) and will aim to identify leading projects in terms of results exploitation and dissemination. In addition, best practice will be extracted and will provide a solid platform upon which ongoing and future projects can build in order to contribute to a European Research Area that has a true impact on the competitiveness of SMEs, the pillar of our European economy. more

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Many consumers are familiar with the European Commission’s recommendations for vitamins and minerals because such labels are in use since 1992 to declare the amounts of micronutrients in a food (e.g. 30% of the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) of Vitamin C in 100g food). Bute these nutrient recommendations also have wider food and nutrition policy impacts such as planning food supplies and assessing the nutritional adequacy of population groups. For these purposes most countries tend to use their own nationally derived values which can vary considerably. more

About this Project:

Especially for SMEs it is been a proven problem to fully exploit research results. Therefore the funding of SME-research is not enough to strengthen their competitiveness - also support within the exploitation process is needed.

ECOINNO2SME creates the base for a focussed exploitation funding by evaluation completed FP5 and FP6 projects with SME involvement. Furthermore free support to SME especially in exploiting research results is offered. more