Sebastian Hahn

About this site

Our objective:

Within the R&D Framework-Programms of the European Commission there are lots of research projects which continously widen our knowledge horizons. And this in all areas of science.

The aim of this website (which is not for profit) is to support the dissemination by creating an directory of research projects sorting them by activities & project-aims and providing short overviews about these projects.

The people behind this website:

We are a group of students which are fascinated by the enormous variety of science and research all over Europe. Some of us got in contact with various research projects through internships and partimejobs at the University of Leipzig at the Freie Universität Berlin.


If you have any questions or if you want to put a portrait of your project on this website, please contact:

Sebastian Hahn[[at]]


Authors at this webpage are:

Alexander Schultz (University of Leipzig)
Elvira Staude (University of Leipzig)
Luisa-Marie Fritzsch (FU Berlin)
Stefan Bortenheim (FU Berlin)
Sebastian Hahn (University of Leipzig)

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