About the project:


The GPRIX project identifies and disseminates good practices in the innovation support of SMEs. The project aims to improve the future innovation support of the EU.

What will the project do?
The GPrix project aims to identify and disseminate good practices in innovation support measures directed towards SMEs in traditional industries in 7 European regions by developing a methodological framework for collecting data on existing Innovation and R&D support programmes in the public sector. These measures will be benchmarked with EU support programmes and a set of recommendations will be produced for improving the design and implementation of research and innovation programmes in the upcoming framework programme.

Why is this important?
A great number of measures currently exist to directly or indirectly support innovation in Europe. These measures play a key role to help organizations to innovate better and faster, by addressing specifi c market and system failures hindering European companies, and in particular SMEs, to fully exploit their innovation potential.

Which regions are included?
The study will cover 7 European regions all characterized by the relative weight of traditional sectors in their economies, including a large number of SMEs operating on those sectors, covering the following regions: North/Central of Portugal, Limousin in France, Emilia-Romagna in Italy, West Midlands in the UK, Comunidad Valenciana in Spain, North Brabant in the Netherlands and Saxony-Anhalt in Germany.

Which sectors are covered?
The study will cover the automotive, textiles, leather, food, ceramics and mechanical/metallurgy sectors, as long established industries, major source of wealth creation and employment in the region, and most important, still retaining the capacity for innovation.

For more information please visit: www.gprix.eu

The GPrix project cooperates with two other initiatives of the European Commission to study R+D+I supporting programmes for SMEs: The MaPEeR SME and RAPPORT Projects. Learn more about these initiatives in our common portal: www.research4smes.eu

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