About the UseandDiffuse Project:
The main objective of the USEandDIFFUSE project is to enhance the dissemination and exploitation of research results and facilitate the exchange of best practices.
Therefore this project will focus for the most part on RTD projects implemented under the Framework Programmes with the involvement of small and medium sized enterprises (CRAFT projects, Collective Research projects, as well as STREPs and Integrated Projects in which SMEs play active roles as RTD performers and end users of results) and will aim to identify leading projects in terms of results exploitation and dissemination. In addition, best practice will be extracted and will provide a solid platform upon which ongoing and future projects can build in order to contribute to a European Research Area that has a true impact on the competitiveness of SMEs, the pillar of our European economy.

The target group of the inherent activities carried out over the course of this project are small and medium sized enterprises and RTD performers who have participated in research and development projects in previous Framework Programmes, as well as those planning to participate in RTD actions in Framework Programme Seven (FP7), including such programmes such as “Research for the benefit of SMEs”. For the purposes of the research carried out during this project, USEandDIFFUSE will focus on the ICTand Health sectors however the results will without doubt be applicable to a whole host of industrial sectors.

Furthermore, in order to enrich the results of this project, effort will also be dedicated to looking at the various different schemes which are being carried out at national and regional level across Europe. Such schemes might include initiatives to foment the participation of SMEs in the RTD initiatives, both regional and transnational level RTD cooperation, as well as initiatives for fomenting the transfer of best practices in the area of the dissemination and exploitation of research results from these schemes to European level.

An in-depth review and analysis of past experiences and best practices at European level will enable this USEandDIFFUSE project to develop a best practice manual in the area of the exploitation and dissemination of research results involving SMEs, as well as implement strategies aimed at reinforced exploitation of RTD results and clustering of projects on common topics to improve interaction and joint dissemination and exploitation activities. It is expected that this project will add significant value to the European research effort and its results will serve to enrich RTD activities involving SMEs.

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