About the project:
HELENA identified that most diseases have their origin during childhood and adolescence. Although the connection between these non-communicable diseases and the adolescence process is almost unexplored.

The crucial changes in life during the adolescence strongly affect nutritional needs and habits. The HELENA project includes cross-sectional, crossover and pilot community intervention multi-centre studies as an integrated approach to approach connection between adolescence and causes of diseases.

The project-measures will first provide full information about the nutritional status of the European adolescents including
- Dietary intake, nutrition knowledge and eating attitudes
- Food choices and preferences
- Body composition
- Plasma lipids and metabolic profile
- Vitamin status
- Immune function related to nutritional status
- Physical activity and fitness
- Genotype (to analyse gene-nutrient and gene-environment interactions)

In the following steps HELENA will identify the requirements for the promotion of healthy foods and will develop three sensory acceptable products for adolescents.

Finally this project helps to understand why health-related messages have not been as effective as expected in the adolescent population. In addition HELENA will create a realistic intervention strategy to achieve the goals of understanding and effectively enhancing nutritional and lifestyle habits of adolescents in Europe.

More Details about this project you can find at HELENA-Study

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