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The PRESTO-project helps Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Associations (SMEsAs) to define their research priorities. Instruments for defining priorities are a series of analyses, activities and support measures, all in close contact and dialogue with European Technology Platforms.


Sebastian Hahn

Match2BioSME: R&D for biotech-SMEs

About the project:

Match2BioSME aims to stimulate innovation in the European biotechnology industry. The Match2BioSME platform started in 2006. Objective of the project is matching the activities of small- and medium sized companies (SMEs) and academic institutions. more

About the Project:
The FunctionalFoodNet (FFNet) is an information source on functional foods for food companies and especially for SMEs. It brings companies together and helps them to explore business opportunities in functional foods. More than 185 companies participate in the FFNet. more

About the project:

The project aims to support SMEs by the conception of regional funding for eco-innovative projects. In the long run, the network wants to become a leading network for regional support in the field of eco-innovation. more

About the project:

This projects aims to put nanotechnology forward in the areas of nanobiological sensors. These sensors can serve to detect and prevent bioterrorism and be useful with environmental purposes. Nanotechnolgies and biotechnologies will be combined. more

About this Project:

Especially for SMEs it is been a proven problem to fully exploit research results. Therefore the funding of SME-research is not enough to strengthen their competitiveness - also support within the exploitation process is needed.

ECOINNO2SME creates the base for a focussed exploitation funding by evaluation completed FP5 and FP6 projects with SME involvement. Furthermore free support to SME especially in exploiting research results is offered. more

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