About the B2B LOCO Project:


Based on successful FP5&6 experiences of POLLOCO and CENTRAL LOCO projects, the revised and expanded concept of the B2B LOCO project is that enterprises collaborating with local market-oriented research units in an international network will enhance their performance and competitiveness through the participation in FP projects or exploitation of its most business practice-oriented results.

The project is represented by Old and New Member States as well as 2 Candidate Countries, covering most of the East of the continent and beyond, from Estonia to Israel.

B2B LOCO targets Regional Clusters gathering different types of SMEs: transport and logistics companies, manufacturing and retail companies, hi-tech and green technologies companies. Companies from these groups are often “FP-ready” yet they are not realising their potential because Framework Programmes are best communicated to the research community. Therefore B2B LOCO consortium groups research organisations with considerable experience in FPs and a track record in talking directly to SMEs, using their own language and knowing what drives them in everyday operations.

B2B LOCO will provide SME community with two international conferences, two practical workshops and three brokerage events, supplemented with permanent communication mechanisms (www, newsletters). It will also create an alumni network based on its wide university background of 9 partners as well as a brokerage platform enabling an exchange of demand and offer of expertise.

As a result of B2B LOCO activities, SMEs will benefit from advanced solutions developed by FP consortia, experiences of successful SME- RTD - Academia co-operation cases which are laudable and should be copied. In addition to this, project will support processes of forming partnerships for future Framework Programmes. Moreover, new information channels which will be created during the project, will support transfer of essential information on transport and logistics.

B2B LOCO is expected to:

- create a permanent network of research and educational institutions in transport and logistics capable of building and maintaining links with SMEs in their area

- identify innovative FP projects in the field of logistics and transport,

- present best practice solutions coming out of FP project in various fields of logistics and transport to SME’s,

- show clear benefits of FP participation to SME’s in the under-privileged EU-states and in candidate countries,

- support exploitation of successful RTD project results by helping companies implement solutions developed,

- provide new exploitation opportunities for the future FP projects in terms of SMEs’ involvement in demonstration and commercialisation efforts,

- provide research institutions with a forum of knowledge/experience exchange in dealing with SME’s,

- inform large numbers of companies about current work programmes and calls as well as offer advice on how to participate in Framework Programmes,

- provide access to FP-related materials and European Transport Strategies.

For more information please visit: www.b2bloco.eu

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