About the project:

The project aims to support SMEs by the conception of regional funding for eco-innovative projects. In the long run, the network wants to become a leading network for regional support in the field of eco-innovation.This projects combines the efforts of 6 regions from all over Europe: Rhône-Alpes, Lombardia, Bade-Wurtemberg, Andalucia, Ile-de-France and Malopolska.

The main task is the conception of funding instruments which improve competitiveness and innovation of SMEs. Target of this funding are eco-innovative projects at SMEs. SMEs are the backbone of the european economy and have often difficulties to stay competitive in comparison to multinational industry conglomerates. Exactly this issue is in the focus of this project:

- improve SMEs competitiveness through creation of innovation funding instruments
- focus on regions where the SMEs are located

More information about this project you can find at ECREINetwork

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