About the project:


The MAPEER SME project is supporting activities to create the background conditions in which Research, Development and Innovation (R&D&I) is welcomed, supported and nourished in European SMEs.

The ultimate goal is to increase the participation of SMEs in the EU research programmes, by improving the conditions for participation and overcoming the barriers for innovation activities. Accordingly MAPEER SME has defined some crucial objectives:

  • Boost SME’s research and innovation activities and performance by bringing down barriers for SMEs across the EU to get them into the “research and innovation loop”.
  • Provide R&D&I funding plan of Europe by establishing a database of regional, national and EU level R&D&I programmes
  • Assess the needs and expectations of SMEs and transform their views into recommendations for policy makers and programme managers
  • Utilise and benefi t from synergies of EU initiatives in the R&D&I fi eld and initiate structured policy dialogue between the various players at EU and national, regional levels (DG RTD, REGIO, EAC and ENTR, along with national and regional level) through the European Experts’ Panel on SMEs.
  • Set-up and establish sustainable mechanisms to provide advice to the EU, the national and regional policy makers and programme managers (from R&D&I related Ministries, research agencies and intermediaries) as well as SME Stakeholders.

Expected results:

  • Comprehensive, in-depth and cross-sectoral analysis on programmes and initiatives that assist the collaboration between R&D&I and SMEs
  • On-line inventory of SME research programmes and initiatives
  • Compendium of R&D&I Programmes & Initiatives for SMEs (EU member states plus Bosnia and Herzegovina including EU-level)
  • Survey & report on barriers to innovation study at national and European level
  • Synergies between various players at EU and national, regional levels through a European Expert Panel on SMEs.

Database of European Programmes:

  • MAPEER SME will analyse and develop a database of regional, national and European programmes that are either technology-orientated or cover joint R&D&I and also include thoseactivities that encompass further education for SME staff, training, application of industrial science results or human resource studies, etc. if a scientifi c partner is involved.
  • The database will provide useful information to interested SMEs on the analysed programmes and will serve as a map of funding sources for R&D&I activities

For more information please visit: www.mapeer-sme.eu

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